Lifestyle Magazine: May 2022 Publication
Lifestyle Magazine: Liquid Desire, featuring Candela Mamajuana (May 2022 publication)

It’s no scientific secret that adult beverages can lower our inhibitions, but how many spirits go as far as touting benefits in the bedroom? Such is the marketing message behind Candela Mamajuana, an all-natural expression of the Dominican Republic’s native drink that’s said to promote sexual potency.

Beyond its claims as an aphrodisiac, the Caribbean rum distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane stands on its own as a sweet, smooth offering. Aged in American oak barrels with notes of rosewood and honey, Candela Mamajuana works as a solo act (on the rocks) or as the main ingredient in a cocktail.

When it comes to the latter, here are two easy- to-create drinks that may very well add serious sizzle to your springtime festivities.

Candela Mamajuana for Lifestyle Media Group Magazine. The article feature mamajuana cocktails and describes mamajuana benefits, including mamajuana as an aphrodisiac and its likening to "liquid viagra".SPICY MAMA (pictured)

3 oz. Candela Mamajuana 
2 oz. Fresh lemon juice
1 oz. Jalapeño infused simple syrup
Directions: Prep ingredients in a shaker and Candela Mamajuana fresh lemon juice jalapeño-infused simple syrup strain. Serve in a coupe glass.


3 oz. Candela Mamajuana
3 oz. club soda
Orange slice
Directions: Prep glass with ice. Pour Candela first, then top with soda and garnish with orange



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