Learn about Mamajuana:

What is Mamajuana?

Mamajuana is the native spiced rum of the Dominican Republic.

Mamajuana was originally an energizing tonic. It's a 500 year-old recipe inspired by the Shamans of the Taíno People. It's an emblem of Dominican culture and pride.

If you travel to Punta Cana, you’ll probably see a lot of people drinking this at your resort!

What does it taste like?

Candela tastes like vacation.

Imagine a fine Dominican rum. Now add an aromatic herbal flavor to it and the subtle sweetness of organic honey. That's what Candela tastes like. It's like a spiced rum, but smoother and a tad sweeter.

How do you drink Mamajuana?

Traditionally, Mamajuana is consumed as a shot.

Candela is very smooth served neat or on the rocks.

You can even just pour some over ice, add a little soda, garnish it with an orange slice and you'll have yourself a Dominican Spritz!

You can make delicious cocktails with Candela. See our recipes.

Is there weed, marijuana, or CBD in Mamajuana?

Even though the names sound very familiar, THERE IS NO MARIJUANA or cannabis-derivatives in our mamajuana!

Just rum, spices and honey.

Where can I buy Mamajuana?

Liquor Stores: find your closest liquor store using our Store Locator.

Online: you can also purchase Candela online. Order here.

Candela Mamajuana FAQs

Is Candela Mamajuana real Mamajuana?


Candela is 100% real Mamajuana, hand-made with all the authentic Mamajuana ingredients.

Made in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.

What's in Candela Mamajuana?

Fine rum, spices & honey.

- Rum: made from fresh sugarcane juice, not molasses. Our rum is as "farm-to-bottle" as can be. We use fresh, estate-grown sugarcane - which results in a smooth rum, that goes down easy.

- Spices & honey: we infuse our rum with the traditional Mamajuana spices, all natively sourced from the Dominican Republic.

Is Candela really "all natural"?


Candela Mamajuana made with natural ingredients only.

Unlike other rums, Candela has no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Just fresh, smooth Mamajuana.

We source the finest ingredients for our spiced rum. Our mamajuana is sweetened with fresh-pressed sugarcane (not molasses) and aged in ex-Bourbon casks to ensure a smooth, delicious finish.

Why doesn't Candela Mamajuana have any sticks inside?

Candela is a premium Mamajuana.

We filter 100% the Mamajuana sticks out during the bottling process to guarantee a completely clear liquid, that complies with international export regulations. 

Even though Candela is clear, it tastes just like "traditional" Mamajuana (if not better 😉).

Where is Candela Mamajuana made?

Candela is imported from the Dominican Republic.

Every bottle of Candela Mamajuana is made in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.

Is Candela Mamajuana legal?

Candela is 100% legal.

We produce our Mamajuana in FDA-approved facilities. Our products are TTB-approved (for sale in the USA) and comply with FDA regulations.

Candela is also MSP Certified (Dominican Republic).

Mamajuana used to be illegal a few decades ago. Not anymore... Now,  Mamajuana's popularity is booming, and Candela is leading the charge in this new Mamajuana renaissance.