About Us


Ignite the Fuego Within.

In the world of spirits, Candela Mamajuana emerges as the go-to companion for unforgettable nights and joyous occasions.

Infused with the soul of the Dominican Republic, it kindles the inner flame, inviting enthusiasts to share the spirit of the tropics through legendary nights.

Our Values

Premium Quality

Candela is made with ultra-premium aged rum and the freshest ingredients.

We will never compromise on using the best our land has to offer.

Proudly Dominican

Our recipe is 100% authenticly made in the Dominican Republic.

Each sip of Mamajuana is a tribute to centuries of tradition and our shared cultural roots.

Born to Celebrate

We can't confirm nor deny the rumors about Mamajuana.

We will, however, say that Candela was born for those special moments were you can't help but raise a toast, salud!

Our Community

The Fuego Squad

Setting the dance floor ablaze and turning up the night, the Fuego Squad embodies the spirit of celebration.

Join us for a lifestyle that's all about excitement, good company, and the pursuit of memorable moments. Cheers to the Fuego Squad – where the party never stops!

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Learn more about ecoSPIRITS & our Commitment to Sustainability

"Leave the house cleaner than you found it".

From the day Candela was born, this has been our mantra.

We are committed to becoming the most sustainable spirits brand and operate with the highest love and respect for our home.

We are the proud Exclusive Licensed Operators in the Dominican Republic of ecoSPIRITS, the leading zero-waste packaging technology.

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Our Partners

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