Candela Mamajuana is now available at Publix.


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The perfect beach day.

  • "Tastes like vacation"

  • Smooth & unique rum

  • Tropical cocktail recipes

Transport yourself to the beautiful beaches in Punta Cana with one simple drink. See why our fans are calling Candela the best Domincan Rum.

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Enjoy our exotic blend of spices, honey, and premium rum. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, and imported from the Dominican Republic.

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Enjoy Candela neat, on the rocks, or tropical classics like mojitos and mai tais.

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Candela Mamajuana featured by the pool with "Fuego" speeder shade sunglasses, bottle of Candela Mamajuana, and signature recipe "the Mamacita", grapefruit rum cocktail with FeverTree Sparkling Grapefruit
Negroni Recipe with spiced rum, called Mamajuana. Image shows bottle of Candela Mamajuana, a Dominican Spiced Rum with the cocktails. The Negroni cocktail is served over large ice cubes, with dried fruit, and in a rocks glass.
Mamajuana Cocktails by Candela Mamajuana, featuring the "Mama Tai" recipe, a Mai Tai Recipe with Spiced Rum called MamaJuana from the Dominican Republic. Cocktails shown with fresh fruit like pineapple, orange, and lemon, a beautiful summer cocktail

We are excited to announce that Candela is joining in Publix Liquors! Starting January 2023, Candela will be available in 302 Publix Liquors across Florida.

This partnership marks a significant expansion for our brand. We are thrilled to bring our unique and delicious mamajuana to even more rum fans and throughout Florida.

Candela stands alone from many spirits on the shelf. For those unfamiliar with mamajuana, it is a special type of spiced rum that is traditional from the Dominican Republic. Mamajuana ingredients are simple: tree bark and herbs, spices, rum, and honey. This Dominican legend has been around for 500 years and is known for its unique flavor and rumored health benefits.

At Candela, our mamajuana recipe is made authentically with the freshest, most premium ingredients sourced on the island. We spent years with our Master Mixologist to create a mamajuana that is truly one of a kind. We're honored to be able to share it now with even more rum fans.

Candela is the only premium, ready to drink mamajuana available in the United States. We're thrilled to start our partnership with Publix, joining other leading retailers like Costco, Total Wine and More, and Erewhon. With the addition of Publix Liquors, Candela is one of the fastest-growing rums in the United States.

Whether you loved trying mamajuana in Punta Cana or are new to the drink, mamajuana has never been easier to fall in love with. Pick up Candela at Publix Liquors and see why elite publications like Forbes, Fodor's Travel, Sports Illustrated, and are calling Candela the hottest and smoothest rum on the market.

Our mission at Candela is to share the Dominican Republic's best-kept secret with the world. Visit your local Publix Liquors today and buy mamajuana near you. Join hundreds of satisfied customers in our journey to fuel the fuego, one toast at a time.

In 2023, we look forward to bringing the unique flavors of the Dominican Republic and sharing our mamajuana with Florida and beyond.

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