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Candela Mamajuana (750 ml | 30% ABV)

Candela is the ultimate expression of Mamajuana, the legendary spiced rum of the Dominican Republic. A smooth blend of fine Dominican rum, natural spices, and honey.


Enjoy over ice or in your favorite cocktails.

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    Candela Mamajuana's Coquito Kit with Candela Mamajuana Premium Spiced Rum 750ml bottle, holiday shot glasses, and Coquito, the Puerto Rican eggnog. The holiday gift box includes everything for the best coquito recipe.

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    Our limited edition Coquito Kit has everything you need to enjoy Latin America’s favorite holiday drink.



    Mamajuana is the typical drink of the Dominican Republic.

    Dominican Mamajuana (or "mama juana") was originally concocted as an energizing tonic. It's a 500 year-old recipe inspired by the Shamans of the Taíno People. Versions of the drink have been passed down for generations as family recipes. It's an emblem of the island's rich history, culture and pride.

    If you travel to Punta Cana, you’ll probably see a lot of people enjoying a mamajuana drink at your resort!


    We believe in natural ingredients and transparent sourcing. Our recipe is made in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and control.

    • All natural ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors or additives.

    • Distilled from fresh-pressed sugar cane, separating us from other Dominican rum brands that use molasses.

    • Aged in Bourbon casks, our recipe is aged in the warm Caribbean climate before it's bottled.

    • Handmade in the Dominican Republic, with an authentic traditional recipe.

    When we say we're all natural, we mean it. Candela is as "farm to bottle" as it gets!


    Enjoying Candela is easy.

    1) By itself: straight or on the rocks. We prefer it served chilled over a large ice cube and with an orange twist.

    2) Mixed cocktails: Get inspired with these signature spiced rum cocktails featured in People En Español Magazine!

    3) Shots: Just be sure to raise a proper toast. Pa arriba, pa abajo, pal centro, pa dentro! Need the proper shot glasses? See our signature Salud Shot Glasses.


    Yes! And mamajuana is legal in the US. Candela is the only premium mamajuana for sale in the United States.

    Loved mamajuana in Punta Cana? We can relate! In the past, bringing mamajuana to the US from the Dominican has been tricky. Now, you can buy mamajuana in the US online without the hassle! Unlike the bottles of dried mamajuana sticks, bark, and herbs you might find on Amazon, our mamajuana is ready to drink with made with the highest quality ingredients.

    We bring the Dominican Republic right to your door, and deliver to 46 states in the US. We insure each package is shipped securely. See our full list of available states and shipping policy.

    You can find where to buy mamajuana at a store near you using our Store Locator. Candela is available in many of the nation's top retailers, including Costco, Total Wine & More, Big Daddy's and more!


    NO! While the names sound very similar, there is no cannabis (THC or CBD) in our recipe. Just rum, spices and honey.

    Read more of our frequently asked questions.

    Enjoying Candela is easy.

    • On the rocks

      On the rocks

    • Mixed Cocktails

      Mixed Cocktails

    • Shots