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Ignite the Fuego within.

In the world of spirits, Candela Mamajuana emerges as the go-to companion for unforgettable nights and joyous occasions. Infused with the soul of the Dominican Republic, it kindles the inner flame, inviting enthusiasts to share the spirit of the tropics through spirited toasts and legendary nights.

Our values

Your go-to spirit for celebratory occasions.

We can't confirm or deny the rumors about Mamajuana. We will, however, definitely claim that Candela is the leading cause of friends, lovers, strangers, and family having the greatest night ever.

Proudly Dominican

Our recipe is 100% authentic. Raise a toast with Candela Mamajuana, the Dominican Republic's legendary shot. Each sip of mamajuana is a tribute to centuries of tradition and our shared cultural roots.

Premium quality

Candela is made with ultra-premium aged rum and the freshest ingredients, so our stuff is as smooth as it gets.

Our recipe

Fine rum


Authentic mamajuana spices


Pure sugar-cane juice


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From inception onwards towards the journey to your cocktail glass, the super premium Dominican spiced rum Candela Mamajuana embodies eco consciousness through and through.

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