our commitment to sustainability

Partying like we'll live forever, and protecting the environment so that we can.

Rum that's all-natural, locally sourced, zero-waste, AND protects oceans? We'll drink to that!
At Candela, we're proudly revolutionizing the sustainable business world. We are committed to integrating eco-friendly practices along our entire business model – including our recipe, ingredients, production, distribution, and philanthropic efforts.
We're committed to creating a greener world, one toast at a time. Salud to a better world.

all-natural ingredients

Our mission starts with an all-natural mamajuana recipe.

Mamajuana is an all-natural spirit that originated in the Dominican Republic. It's made with smooth rum, natural spices and honey. The recipe has been passed down for hundreds of years and was first used by local shamans as a health remedy in ancient villages. Learn more about the exotic history of mamajuana.

locally sourced from the Dominican Republic.

We're committed to deliver the finest and purest ingredients. All of our ingredients are locally sourced in the Dominican Republic, which:

  1. Ensures freshness – Our mamajuana ingredients are as fresh as possible. As soon as our spices and sugarcane are harvested, they're taken to our production facility to make our delicious and smooth rum.
  2. Reduces emissions – Locally sourcing ingredients cuts emission costs during transportation.
  3. Provides transparency – Sourcing all of our ingredients in the Dominican Republic gives us complete oversight into our production process, allowing us to provide full transparency to our customers.
  4. Supports local communities – We're proud to be the leading brand of mamajuana and support local communities in the Dominican Republic.

We're proud of our product and ingredients, which have customers calling Candela the smoothest mamajuana they've ever tried.

our revolutionary, zero-waste production facility.

Our production facility is state-of-the-art and brand new as of 2022. We use advanced and cutting-edge technology in all aspects of our operations, including:

  • Energy-efficient cooling methods
  • Solar powered lighting systems
  • Recycling rainwater runoff
  • Recycling and repurposing used casks
  • Converting excess sugarcane pulp waste from production into biofuel to power the facility itself

Candela is leading the way for eco-friendly production practices to inspire generations to come.

introducing ecoSPIRITS: the world's first zero waste spirits distribution model

Candela is proud to share that we are the sole licensed operator for ecoSPIRITS in the Dominican Republic – a new spirit packaging solution. This innovative closed-loop distribution system is designed to nearly eliminate packaging waste and plastic waste in the premium spirits supply chain and reduced carbon emissions.

With each bottle eliminated, the ecoSPIRITS format saves at least 550 grams of carbon emissions--that's equivalent to 30 grams per cocktail or spirits pour (or about 1/3rd less than other premium brands).

With each order of an ecoTOTE, we will fund the removal of one kilogram (2 pounds) of single use plastic, glass and other manmade wastes from endangered coral reefs and marine environments around the world through our partnership with Ocean Conservancy.


supporting local beaches in Miami and the Dominican Republic

We strive to protect our communities on a local level. In 2023, we've teamed up with many of the local leaders and eco-friendly companies in our Miami backyard, including the Esme Hotel South Beach and Soho Beach House. For Earth Day, our teams came together to spread awareness through hosted beach clean-ups and educating participants about local spirits and sustainable businesses. We're proud to partner with leaders in our community to amplify our mission to a greener, cleaner world.